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The Book of the Dragons

The “T” Virus is now airborne. The ventilation system has been shut down in hopes to isolate this deadly virus. Can you and your team of interns gain access into the lab, find the ingredients, create the antidote and reopen the ventilation system and save the infected personnel?

You have been summoned by the Eldaf the Wise. He has employed you to sneak into the evil Wizards study, find The Book of the Dragons and return it to him so he can free the last living dragon from the clutches of Shadowmen. Once you enter the study, you will only have an hour until Shadowmen calls the Dragon to destroy you and the book! 

With the discovery of the final resting place for the Ark of the Covenant, can you and your team of fellow student explorers find your professors base camp, gain access into the Forbidden Temple, navigate the traps left behind and reach the Ark? Or will you fall victim to the Temple like those before you?

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