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The idea of opening Clever Fox Escape Rooms started out as a simple date night! Tom and Jennie Crunk were celebrating their wedding anniversary in San Diego. Trying to break from the cliché Dinner and a Movie routine, Tom searched out things to do. Low and behold, he came across this “thing” called an escape room. Albeit nervous , not only about what to expect, but would they have fun doing this type of thing together, not to mention a stress test on their wedding anniversary he went ahead and booked the reservation! What a great experience they had! Not only did they have fun, but they discovered that they work pretty well together too! Finding something to do together in a relationship that both enjoy is a BIG deal! So naturally, they hit the World Wide Web (also known as the internet) to search out more Escape Rooms to do around town. After doing a few just the two of them, then a few more with some friends, and a few more after that… the question was asked… Why don’t we open up one of our own?!? That question was take seriously (maybe not by all) and that late night, early morning, a business plan was created and put into place!

Tom and Jennie have been married for 13 years. Have two amazing children, their son Tommy, 11 years old and daughter Raylin, 7 years old. Apart from owning and operating the Clever Fox, Tom owns a Landscape Maintenance Company, has a passion for fitness and coaches his Son’s basketball teams. Jennie is an amazing mother and huge supporter of all Tom’s crazy endeavors. Not only is Jennie a part time homeschool teacher but she has the equally important job of as shuttling the kids to and from practices, games tournaments etc! Tommy is fully evolved in boxing and basketball and Raylin is in competitive Cheer where they are defending National Champions!

From start to finish we have felt the Lord’s calling during this adventure. Driven with passion and now the ability to help others, this once conversation and pipe dream has become a reality! We feel blessed and are thrilled to be able to offer a safe, fun and much needed form of entertainment for the community that offers a way for you to put down those devices and work together as a team and have a great time!

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